I don’t know much about chiropractors, can you tell me more?

Chiropractors train for 5 years at university, before registering professionally with the GCC (General Chiropractic Council) to be able to diagnose and treat problems with the bones, muscles and joints.

The theory that proper alignment of the body’s musculoskeletal structure, and in particular the spine, will enable the body to heal.

Will it hurt?

It’s likely you’re already in pain so treatment obviously aims to be as comfortable as possible. With certain techniques, such as deep tissue work, you may feel mild discomfort during and even afterwards, but in a good way. Patients say they are relieved and reassured when we are able to put our hands accurately on their particular pain. Most importantly nothing should hurt and our skill and expertise can easily modify pressure to suit your threshold.

What shall I wear?

Treatment is performed through clothing so there is no need to undress. Just wear something loose and comfortable that you can move around in.

What is the crack sound?

The crack sound (cavitation), heard during manipulation is simply gas escaping from inside the joint as the surfaces are moved apart. It’s totally painless a bit like when your knuckles or knees pop spontaneously.

How long will it take to get better?

There are many factors affecting the healing process. Some patients feel instant relief and for others it may get worse before it gets better. Within a short period you should be sending enough progress and if not your chiropractor may suggest other options such as Sports Massage. We can even refer you for a private MRI or write a professional letter to your GP or Consultant.

For best results you may be advised to make healthy lifestyle changes and to participate in the rehabilitative exercises prescribed.

How long does treatment last?

Here at the Chiropractor treatment sessions typically last up to 30 minutes.


How much does treatment cost and what payment options do you accept?


Fees: Consultation £60 (£50 U18’s, students & Over 65’s)

Treatment: £40 (£35 U18’s, students & Over 65’s)


We accept cash, cheque and major debit and credit cards.



You can also ask to appoint us via your private health care provider.  We are registered with most companies including:




Where can I park?


We don’t have our own car park but we are positioned right on the high street with town centre parking currently 2p per minute directly outside. There’s plenty of room for a taxi to safely pull up level with our door and the Metro station and bus stops a mere 200m away.